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Local events, donations, fundraisers, etc. are all ways to educate the public and gain valuable resources that are needed to run these much needed programs.


The SPARTA Project provides an intensive 5 1/2 day program to rehabilitate veterans/first responders. SPARTA has asked Go Give 2 Live to provide the resources and information for the participants after the program ends. It is our job to provide reading materials, local resources, contact information. memorabilia, etc. to veterans to continue their healing journey.

after care services

We have partnered with many programs that provide a range of services. Referrals and information to these programs are available to any veteran or first responder in need. Please see our resources tab for additional information.

Veteran Program Support

Go Give 2 Live works with programs that are dedicated to improving the lives of our veterans and first responders. We have personally attended these programs and witnessed the results. Funding is provided directly to the organization as a sponsorship, this way every dollar donated is used to support the rehabilitation of veterans/first responders.

veterans awareness


In the midst of a natural disaster, Go Give 2 Live is available in relocating veterans and their property. We work with local enforcement agencies to provide resources and assistance to veterans who have been affected by a natural disaster.

Through multi media pages we are able to better educate the public on the needs of veterans. As well as provide valuable information as it pertains to the signs and symptoms of a veteran/first responder who might be struggling.

Relocation & disaster aid

treatment outsourcing